Math Tutoring Goals and Expectations

Below you will find an outline of what you can expect from your MTE Tutor and how to establish goals and a timeline for your success.

Math Tutoring Experts is dedicated to helping students to become the very best in their mathematics courses. In order to meet this obligation, Math Tutoring Experts requires students to come with certain expectations prior to having their appointed tutoring sessions.

The goals of students should be as follows:

  • Always come to every tutoring session prepared to work.
  • Always strive to complete every homework assignment on time.
  • Always strive to excel in quizzes and exams.
  • Always try to maintain a positive mental attitude towards math.

The expectations of MTE are as follows:

  • Students are required to attempt reading their textbook for that particular topic and section prior to tutoring session.
  • Students are encouraged to have questions ready to ask prior to tutoring session.
  • Students are expected to stay focused on the particular topic for that tutoring session for that session.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions of MTE tutors if anything is unclear.
  • Students are encouraged to strive to work as independently as possible during tutoring session.
  • Students are expected to strive for excellence.

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